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Finding the perfect officiant is the single most important decision you’ll make when planning your wedding.

We offer several packages designed to fit your needs.

Express Package

$85 includes the following:

  • Notary will have a pre-set ceremony that will be used. Officiant will wear either casual or business attire.
  • On the day of your wedding, the Officiant will be on site 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony.

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Deluxe package

$250 includes the following:

  • Performing the ceremony using YOUR words and vows.
  • Up to two (2) meetings prior to the ceremony.
  • Performing the ceremony to include things not within a basic ceremony.
  • A keepsake copy of your vows
  • Florida Notary Stamp & Florida Notary Seal.
  • Referral services for Photos, Transportation, Cakes, Music and more.
  • Weekend, Holiday, wedding fee. (As applicable)
  • All Mileage / Travel fees for service. See Note 1 (This one time fee covers the rehearsal too.)
  • Filing of Marriage License to Court house it was issued from.
  • Name change information. (given via e-mail after ceremony)
  • Helpful Wedding Planning Resources

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Premiere Package

$350 includes the following:

  • All of the above PLUS Rehearsal Attendance, coordination and assistance.
  • A Beautiful (ready for frame) Wedding Certificate and a copy of the Wedding Ceremony on linen paper.

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*Please note: Every Wedding needs a Marriage License

Serving or served in the US Armed Forces? Be sure to let us know.

As you search for the best officiant, please remember three things:

  1. Florida law, ch 205, states: Anyone providing merchandise or services to the public, even through a one-person company or home based occupation, must pay a city and/or county Business Tax to operate. This simple law helps ensure that you are offered the best service from an officiant who is qualified, registered with the state, insured, licensed and bonded. We are one of only a few officiants that follow this law. Click on this link and type in JaxNotary to find my information.
  2. We understand it is not our wedding.
  3. When asking how much an officiant charges please remember your perfect wedding should have the best quality officiant performing it. You would NEVER call a car dealer and ask “how much is a car?” without finding out the year, make, model, CarFax report, finance rate etc. You’d probably want to know if you are a buying a BMW or a Pinto. So why make this mistake with your wedding officiant?


Note 1:  Normal prices apply to locations within the I-295 circle and the beaches. Add $25 for wedding locations 15 miles further away. Contact me for wedding distances further than this.

Note 2: Things not in a “basic” ceremony may include candle lighting, hand joining, sand blending and other special items. I WILL do these things and can supply the candles, sand pouring vases and more at an additional cost.

Note 3: Meetings; Find a good date-time and we will schedule a location.  If you want to meet and have not provided a deposit, meeting location is at a Starbucks Coffee shop or other location agreed upon by Officiant.

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We are Notary Publics, Wedding officiants and perform Wedding Ceremonies in Jacksonville Florida & the surrounding area.  Florida law states: “A notary public is authorized to solemnize the rites of matrimony. ” It is lawful, and common practice, for Notary Wedding officiants to charge for changes to the basic Notary ceremony, mileage and travel fees, meetings prior to the event, rehearsals, assistance & correspondence via e-mail or phone, postage, event planning or other services. We also have a wonderful network of professionals who can provide photos, live violin music, D.J. services, flowers, make up, clothing, hair, beautiful wedding cakes, Officiant services (if we are not available) and many other wonderful added touches.