Wedding Contract

Wedding contract for wedding officiant services Jax Premiere Weddings

1. Deposit: A non refundable deposit of $50 may be due NOW, if your ceremony is more then 7 days away from today’s date. You may also pay the full amount if you wish. $50 is still considered a “deposit” and is not refundable. – $50 was paid – $150 is due now.

2. Payment: If your ceremony is 6, or less, days away from today’s date then FULL PAYMENT is due NOW. $50 of any “full payment” is considered a “deposit” and is not refundable.

3. Deposit rules: Deposits are NOT refundable and are NOT transferable under any circumstances unless your ceremony is postponed as allowed in paragraph 6.

4. Reservations: If you DO NOT pay a deposit, your date/time will NOT be reserved and it will go to the very first couple that pay a deposit.

5. Balances: Balances are due 6 days before your event. If balance is not received by the designated due date at 11:59 PM your event is considered canceled, your date will be released to others, the deposit will be forfeited and no-reschedule opportunity applies.
Balances continued: We reserve the right to hold your marriage license if there is a balance due until payment is received, this includes (but not limited to) late fees, travel fees, etc. This means we will hold and NOT file your completed marriage license at the courthouse and will not give it to you for filing.  Remember: the court house must get your license within 10 days or YOU ARE NOT MARRIED, you’ll have to repeat the entire procedure and all money paid, to include deposits, will be held and you will have to re-pay for another ceremony.

6. Postponements: If you postpone your event for any reason 7 days or more before your original ceremony date, you can apply your deposit towards a future ceremony date. You will have 15 days from the day you decided to postpone to choose a new event date. You may postpone your event date only once and it must be done prior to 7 days or more from original wedding date. Postponements less than 6 days from your event date are considered cancellations and our Cancellation policy applies (paragraph 7).

7. Cancellations: If you cancel your event for any reason 7 calendar days or more from your event day, deposit is not refundable; all other monies paid will be refunded except for the nonrefundable deposit and applicable bank / charge fees. If you cancel your event 6 days or less from your event date, a $25 cancellation fee applies and your non refundable deposit will not be returned to you. All monies due to you will be paid within 30-45 days by method you originally paid (Cash, Credit etc.). If you are a No Show (to include 45 or more minutes late) or you cancel ON the date of service: no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

8. Acts of God: We are not responsible for acts of God, Severe inclement weather, (hurricanes, high winds) area evacuation, duty or other calamity that may result in cancellation/ postponement of the event. In case of a hurricane warning ONLY on your service day, which impairs your ability to travel, or our ability to travel to your designated location on your event date and time, you will have the opportunity to postpone your event for a future date, or you may cancel and receive a full refund minus the nonrefundable deposit. We will NOT endanger our lives and other’s and we reserve the right to postpone or cancel a service agreement if we feel our lives and other’s are endangered due to acts of God as explained in this paragraph.

9. Fees: Florida Notary law allows a Notary public to perform, and charge, for a wedding officiant services. It is legal and common practice, for a Notary Public wedding officiant to charge extra fees for mileage and travel, meetings prior to the event, rehearsals, e-mail or phone support and assistance, postage and other items. See my website for fees, Your quote will be sent in a separate e-mail or phone call.

10. Contract submission and/or changes: After deciding that will make your wedding ceremony perfect, sign and return this simple contract. You will receive a final confirmation e-mail (once deposit payment is received) with a summary of what’s included with your reservation. Your price and service agreement stays as contracted unless you request a change and/or upgrade in writing, sent to, 9211 North Main Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32218 and that change and/or upgrade is agreed upon by all parties.

11. Locations: Please be aware that most outdoor locations we service are open to the public and may not be private venues. We cannot guarantee the availability of public parking, handicapped access or the state of the beaches (i.e. crowds, tides, seaweed, trash etc), parks or other outdoor location and there is a high probability that people will be around your ceremony site, some might even take pictures. DO NOT request or expect us to ask strangers or bystanders to “move” out of your public location site. They have the same right to be there as you do. Most people are respectful and will move away if they notice they are interfering but we will not make such requests.

12. Late start: Your ceremony has been given a specific start time. A late fee will be charged for any ceremony that does not start on time.
•    15 to 30 minutes late will be a $25.00 late fee.
•    31 minutes to 45 minutes late will be an additional $15 late fee ($40 total).
•    Any ceremony that has not begun within 46 minutes after the scheduled time will be charged a late fee of no less than $50 and service may be subject to cancellation with no refund.
•    Late fees will be charged (and must be paid for) immediately after the ceremony. See paragraph 5 above (balances) for details.

13. Rain and weather: It is YOUR responsibility to arrange a back-up location within 10 miles from the ceremony location in case of inclement weather. Inclement weather includes but is not limited to rain, the threat of lightening, anticipated thunderstorms or other dangerous weather conditions. Suggestions include: your hotel – most hotels have functions rooms that can be rented for a small fee, the restaurant you are planning to go after for your celebration and some beach parks have picnic shelters that can be secured for a small fee. The start time may be adjusted, and late fees not apply, based on judgment of officiant. This paragraph will NOT apply for Act of God (see paragraph 9).

14. Beach Fees & Parking: All the beaches that we go to at this time do not require a beach permit for small gatherings with 20 people or less, however, that can be subject to change anytime at the County’s or City’s discretion and we have no control over any changes and will not become responsible for any fees at anytime. Couples are responsible for acquiring any permits necessary and pay appropriate fees even if the beach rules change after a reservation is made and provide us with a copy of your permit if applicable. Call (904) 630-CITY for details in Jacksonville, Florida. Private parking, to include some beach locations, or hotel parking charges are not included with our services and must be paid by you. We will only pay for our own parking fees.

15. Beach Locations: If your ceremony is scheduled behind your hotel, resort or leased property, you are responsible to obtain permission for us to setup and/or perform the service there. These general rules apply:  NO silk rose petals or confetti on the beach. Littering is NOT acceptable and throwing items that are NOT biodegradable on the beach is considered littering. Alcohol, Glass and Open Fires are NOT allowed on the beach; with few exceptions.

16. Rehearsals: Rehearsal attendance, coordination and assistance are only included when requested and paid for. Rehearsal is not a “meeting” and meetings can not include rehearsals. We will NOT have a “meeting” at your event location and “go over” what will happen during the ceremony as this is the definition of a rehearsal.

17. Meetings: Meetings are included free, after deposit or full payment is made. Contact me to find a good date-time and we will schedule a location.

Meetings continued: If you want to meet and have not provided a deposit; the meeting location will be at the Starbucks Coffee shop in Riverside: ( or other location agreed upon by all parties. No discount is given if you decide to not use, skip or miss meetings. Meetings can not be rehearsals.

18. Malfunctions: We are not responsible for equipment and/or technical malfunctions including, but not limited to, cameras, video recorders, music equipment, etc.

19. Damage Liability: The bride and groom assume full liability for any property damage done by themselves or their guests before, during or after the ceremony, and agree to reimburse property owner for such damage.

20. Contract application: This contract also applies to who will provide the service requested on the date(s) time(s) agreed upon after deposit and/or full payment is made.

21. Emergency officiant: You hereby agree to allow another officiant (associated with JaxNotary) to take over and perform your ceremony in the event that the original officiant can not do it due to unforeseen emergency. There is no additional fee for this emergency officiant service.

22. Additional fees: JaxNotary prides itself on quoting an upfront fee for services without adding unknown additional fees. The only fees that might apply are late start, mileage fees (or other fees for services after agreed upon by all parties). The $25.00 processing fee is already added to and included in the quoted price. This fee is for upkeep and maintenance of the website, office supplies and payment of local advertisement fees. This fee is always included in your quote via e-mail or phone call.

23. Legal Questions: We are not licensed attorneys and cannot provide information about the legality of your Marriage in the State or Country you reside, nor can we provide legal advice. If you have legal questions or need legal advice, please contact your local Clerk’s office, Courthouse or seek legal advice through a licensed attorney.

24. Age requirement: By submitting this agreement, we understand that you are 18 years old or older.  If you are not over 18; you CAN still get married. Please call or e-mail for details.

25. Agreement: By signing and submitting this simple contract: you signify that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated above AND that you want to proceed reserving your date and time AND you wish to make appropriate payment.

Please send an e-mail to with “I agree” in the subject line if you have not already done so.